Enzym Company has always nurtured its reputation with focus on producing high quality products, promoting environmental safety, stability in a dynamic market, and professionalism of its employees. The Company’s positive image in Ukraine and abroad is as a result of joint efforts by the team of highly qualified employees. Due to their professionalism, employees of the company have ensured Enzym’s growth and development which has enabled the company to be the market leader in the Ukrainian yeast market and a key player in the global yeast market.

355 Employees

The company assesses each employee based on  the company's corporate values. It equally encourages its employees to share those values with others. The professionalism expected of Enzym Company's employees are directly proportional to the resources and rights obtained by them from the Company. The company truly believes that it is important to provide its employees with the most rewarding employment conditions and self-development programmes. This will in turn help the employees achieve corporate and personal goals. Such an approach creates friendly employment environment and is conducive in  reaching greater heights.

The Enzym Company's principles are based on five corporate values which were created at the  founding of the company.

1. High standards. The Company manufactures quality products with high safety standards. It demands professional attitudes and self motivation from its employees to continuously improve on the two key requirements of quality and safety. It sets high standards in all its operations which involve the technology used for product manufacturing and  the manufacturing processes. The company is constantly learning from the experience of highly rated companies through participation in exhibitions, fairs and conferences. It strives to acquire new ideas from related manufacturing companies in other countries. In this regard Enzym Company has introduced the FSSC 22000 certification system in its operation.
2. Professional development and improvement. Enzym Company has  professional training plan set up in line with company needs and the relevant resources have been allocated. The Company appreciates employees that seek professional and personal development and are willing to spend their own resources (efforts, time).
3. Good reputation. Enzym Company is an industry leader in the production of high quality and safe yeast in the Ukrainian market and is an important player in the global yeast market. The Company is responsible and honest towards its business partners, consumers, employees, and society as a whole. It cares and guards its good reputation and expects every employee to act in responsible manner.
4. Focus on results. In Enzym Company, the goals assigned to the whole team are the goals that individual team member must strive to achieve. Every team member is responsible for the overall results. The company believes that every employee member of a team should be ready to assist other team members as much as possible in performing duties and should be ready to share important information. In the Company, compliance to universal human values is promoted. These values include sincerity, openness, decency in relationships, and readiness to assist in resolving different issues and problems.
5. Stability. The Company ensures its stability thanks to the top managers’ high level of managerial competencies and the professional qualifications of the employees. The company approaches business matters in a meticulous manner, and only developes business areas and products that are familiar to it, and for which it has the relevant competencies and resources.

Enzym Company is a company that is always one step ahead where a team of highly trained professionals charts the path to success.

Enzym Private Joint-Stock Company continues to invest in the development of its employees as it is important for it to be loved by its employees and become a model to other companies. Today, the company has over 350 qualified professionals.