Research & Development


The R&D Department of Enzym Company is an important strategic division, which, through conscientious and diligent work, ensures product competitiveness in the domestic and world markets. The main task of our innovative laboratory is to ensure the quality of baking and brewer’s yeast and the development of new products.

In order to quickly and efficiently fulfil these objectives, our R&D Department is developing a special plan and concept, based on which laboratory operates.

The R&D Department continually tests and performs studies on ready yeast to increase its efficiency and performance. The innovation laboratory aims to optimise yeast production technology by creating small scale industrial fermentation conditions through a pilot line. The pilot line is a reduced version of production capacity and is used exclusively for scientific experiments and research.


Our R&D goals:

It is important for Enzym’s innovation laboratory to maintain stable yeast quality, which can be achieved by maintaining the product’s correct properties throughout its entire shelf life. The R&D Department has its own bank with an extensive collection of yeast cell strains, which constitute the basis for yeast production. The laboratory maintains strains purity in order to sustain their quality.

One of the main goals of the R&D Department is continuous improvement of yeast quality and production technology, both of which ensure the Company’s high competitiveness on the yeast market.

The innovative laboratory has made significant progress in the manufacture of new types of products, such as wine yeast and yeast extracts. The R & D Department uses methods of classical selection of yeast strains, which makes it possible to apply the natural potential of the cell.

Enzym’s R&D Department constantly cooperates with international consultants, who helps us build our expertise in yeast production and enable us to utilise the most up-to-date global trends in improving our existing products and developing new ones.

R & D


Synergy is achieved by combining our production infrastructure and the intellectual potential of our R&D Department, which is capable of launching new and innovative products on the market and provide customer support. Our team helps customers to better control their production processes and costs through the use of high quality natural ingredients. This is our main concept for joint product development.

Our Company has gained an extensive experience in nutrition field, as well as biotechnologies that have been launched in cooperation with our clients. Today, this promising field remains an important component for our Company and its strategic development vision.