Latest European trends are the use of natural flavours and flavour enhancers for the production of food products. Our Company offers natural substitutes for non-natural flavours and salts, which are produced using the world’s leading technology for the specific processing of yeast cells. It is based on the use of components of the yeast cell, which contains the entire spectrum of useful substances, vitamins, amino acids, immunomodulators, flavours and flavour enhancers. 
The yeast cell is covered by a cell wall rich in oligosaccharides and β-glucans, known and used worldwide, as immunostimulants and biologically active additives.
The β-glucans of the very yeast, not of vegetable origin, have the best effect and maximum efficiency, and only with the use of proper and mild extraction conditions.

But the inner content of the yeast cell contains proteins and nucleic acids, which are precursors of flavouring seasoning, and is called yeast extract.
Yeast extracts are a natural alternative to a chemical mono sodium glutamate.
The basis of the taste are free amino acids, nucleotides, proteins and carbohydrates.
The yeast extract increases the content of free acids and nucleotides in the product that react with carbohydrates. The result of the reaction is the formation of natural compounds that make the taste of the food more saturated.
The yeast extract is also used as a salt substitute, and the yeast cell itself synthesizes many useful substances in the process of life, including free amino acids and vitamins of all groups. 

Yeast extract is a natural substitute for glutamate, a flavour enhancer.
  • The yeast extract does not contain foreign impurities, it is exclusively a natural product without genetically modified components, has hypoallergenic properties. Available in micro-granules, paste and powder, contains no products of animal origin, and is marked with Kosher, Halal and FSSC 22000 certificates.
  • The yeast extract is used in the manufacturing of many foods, such as spices, instant soups, chips, confectionery and meat products, semi-finished products.

The quality of products containing yeast extract is much higher than that of mono sodium glutamate, which is confirmed by positive effects on the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems, strengthening of immunity and satisfactory state of health of consumers.