Enzym Company believes that it is important to maintain its reputation, guaranteeing continuous improvement of product quality, and pays great attention to each client. Our Company has introduced a natural substitute for synthetic flavours and flavour enhancers – a yeast extract that is in great demand all over the world. Product quality has been significantly improved by using a natural yeast extract instead of an artificial flavour enhancer, which has been scientifically substantiated and confirmed by consumers on a number of occasions.

Our Company closely follows global trends and is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and technology of yeast production. A sensory group was specially created for an objective assessment of our products, with reference to all criteria. At the professional level, it determines the entire range of flavours, smells and aftertastes of the yeast extract, helping to develop the most successful product offer.

Our culinary experts are an indispensable part of your success.

The process of selecting people for the sensory panel was based on an algorithm, the main criteria of which were supersensitive taste and odour receptors, which distinguish the flavour and smell of yeast extract more accurately. After the selection had been finalised, the team completed a training course at the National Institute of Food Technologies in Olsztyn, Poland, and then continued their studies in Ukraine.

The main goals of the sensory panel are to:
1.    determine overall flavour nature and nuance of yeast extract;
2.    create a standardised map of flavours and smells developed in line with conclusions and comments of the entire team;
3.    select individual flavours according to our clients’ wishes and preferences.

To date, there has been a strong global rejection of artificial flavour enhancers and a transition to natural flavour substitutes and salts. Our employees focus on continually improving the quality of natural yeast extract through objective and professional evaluation of its organoleptic properties.